Zeytinem is our brand owned by a family business, which set out with a dream of years to produce olives, table olives and olive oil.

Under this brand, we have gathered our products that emerged from the trees that we have carefully grown in the lands that have hosted Troy for centuries, between the unique and silhouette of the Dardanelles Strait on the one hand, and the breezes brought by the Aegean Sea on one side, geographically.

Olive Oil

The most commonly used method in olive oil production is to heat the olive paste to 38 degrees to obtain more oil. The heating process causes the death of many useful vitamins and minerals in the oil. In the cold pressed technique, the olive paste is heated to a maximum of 27 degrees and this paste is pressed by mechanical methods. Thus, less but healthier and higher quality olive oil is obtained. Cold pressed olive oil, which is not preferred by the producers because of its cost and low return, is also called gourmet olive oil. If the early harvest olives are turned into oil within 4 hours by cold pressing and if the olives are organic farming crops, the world’s best quality health elixir is obtained.

  • We picked the immortal fruit of the Aegean by hand, processed it on the same day, and bottled the taste of the first harvest in a limited number for you from "early"... It was meticulously produced from the most delicious olives of the Aegean Region when the harvest started. You can use it in your cold dishes and make a difference with its taste that includes fresh and green olive fruitiness. It has high quality values with its wonderful taste felt on the tongue and throat. Our product, which is packaged without filtering, is produced in a limited number by cold pressing method.