About Us

Zeytinem is our brand owned by a family business, which set out with a dream of years to produce olives, table olives and olive oil.

Geographically, we have gathered under this brand our products that emerged from the trees that we have carefully grown in the lands that have been home to Troy for centuries, between the breezes that the Aegean Sea brings to Bozcaada on one side and the unique and proud silhouette of the Dardanelles on the other.

In our olive groves, we meticulously maintain good agricultural practices in order to ensure continuity in product quality. We do all the necessary operations correctly and on time to reach the best product, we start the harvest when the olive fruit is most suitable for early harvest, and we collect our olives one by one by hand. The highest quality early harvest olive oil is cold pressed on the same day and put into chrome tanks and we eagerly await the day when we will deliver it to our customers. Our pickled olives are kept waiting to be flavored with natural rock salt. We do not rush to make these and we do not use caustic in any way to sweeten our olives. When it reaches the most suitable taste, we pack it to present it to your tables.

Our Vision

To improve our quality processes by following the technological developments in the world and to maximize our product awareness and customer satisfaction by blending them with the feedback we receive from our customers.

Our Mission

To produce the healthiest products under our control from growing, harvesting, processing and packaging under the brand Zeytinem, where we combine sustainable environment, advanced technology and good agricultural practices, and present them to our customers.